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    Step-By-Step Impression Taking guide


    1. Important!

    ***Read and review all of the instructions before you begin taking your impression***

    Before you begin, make sure your hands are washed and your teeth are brushed. Do not use if you have braces, any loose teeth, or have recently had any major dental work done.

    2. Included are three sizes of trays, S,M &L. Remove impression trays and wash in warm warm soapy water. Try each tray to find the optimal size. The optimal size tray will extend to the back of your furthest molars and allow room for your teeth to fit in the middle of the tray without touching the front or sides of the tray.

    3. Rinse the optimal size tray in cold water and let dry.

    4. Remove one of each of the blue and white impression putty’s from the packaging and mix together with your hands. Do this quickly as once the putties are mixed the impression material will begin to harden. Continue to mix in your hands until a uniform colour is achieved. This should take approximately 30 seconds, but no longer than 40 seconds, so mix fast!

    5. Gently and smoothly spread the mixed impression putty into the optimal size tray creating a smooth even surface. Spread the putty evenly to meet all the edges of the tray. Be very gentle when spreading the putty, DO NOT push the putty down and into the tray or through the bottom holes of the tray. If using a large tray, you can push the putty from the middle outwards to cover the edges, as there may not be enough putty to cover the entire surface.


    Small/ Medium impression tray – note that the putty can cover the entire tray

    Large Impression tray – Note (below) that the putty covers all of the edges but does not need to cover the back center of the impression.


    6. Using a mirror for assistance, place the impression tray directly in your mouth and center in position, bringing your upper lip gently over the front of the impression tray if possible. Once in position, push the impression up into your teeth using your thumbs - firmly and evenly to sink all teeth into the putty. You can then remove your thumbs and bite to secure the impression tray. Be sure to fully sink all of your teeth into the impression, without biting all the way through to the plastic. Hold for 2 minutes until the impression hardens.


    Note.  A deep impression is better than one that is too shallow.

    7. To remove the impression, push up on the thumb tab to release your molars and then pull the thumb tab down and out to fully release the impression.

    8. Rinse your impression in cold water and check your impression for quality.

    9. Use the the quality checklist to check your impression. If your impression meets the quality standards, place the entire impression (tray included) in bubble mailer envelope provided in the box.


    If the impression does not meet quality standards, remove the used putty from the impression tray and use a new set of putty to restart the impression taking process.


    Do not attempt to remove impression from tray unless a new impression needs to be taken!


    Here are some examples of a good impression:


    (Note* This is a large tray, so the putty completely surrounds the edges, without fully covering the roof of your mouth)

    A medium impression tray – note that the putty can cover the entire tray.

    Fill out your “Design & Return Card" included with the instructions and place this in the bubble mailer along with your finished impression.

    10. Seal your return post envelope with the finished impression and the design and return card. Drop off at your nearest post office or mailbox!


    All postage is prepaid and your new Elevated Protection Custom Mouthguard will be shipped directly to your door!


    *** If you have any questions about the impression taking process, or are unsure if your impression is good, take a photo of the impression and email it to info@elevatedprotection.ca or DM us on instagram @elevatedprotection