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    Born into the action sports world and developed to meet the needs of all athletes, Elevated Protection is a provider of premium custom mouthguards and accessories.

    Founded by professional snowboard coach Andy Stewart, in combination with Grant Woods, a graphic artist from Toronto, Elevated Protection creates cutting edge mouthguards with unique designs.

    We adhere to the highest level of ethical, safety and dental standards when producing all of our products. Our custom mouthguards are handmade in Canada, using the highest quality materials and best practices.

    As snowboarders and extreme athletes ourselves, we create products that we use on a day-to-day basis while we ride.

    We cater to a variety of athletes, teams and sports and create industry-leading mouthguards, at a fraction of the cost of going to the dentist. Our goal is to provide the highest level of dental protection products, in a convenient and affordable way.

    To do this, we ship custom fitting mouthguards directly to your door, with no dentist visit required.

    See how you can Elevate Your Protection today!



    Andy Stewart
    As an honours Kinesiology graduate and former competitive snowboarder, Andy has a deep-rooted passion for sports. Andy has been an involved member of the industry since he first stepped on snow. Competing at National and NorAm Cup level events, Andy claimed the title of Provincial Champion in both Slopestyle and Halfpipe, and was selected to compete on behalf of Ontario in the Canada Winter Games. Unfortunately, due to a career ending injury, Andy was unable to continue his competitive career. At this time he shifted his focus to coaching, where he worked his way through the ranks to Head Coach of The Senders (Simple Snowboarding). A position he has held for 3 years and counting. Andy works closely with up and coming athletes of all ages and abilities from complete beginners to National Team level athletes.

    Grant Woods
    Hailing from downtown Toronto, Grant first made his mark on the world in paint. Grant found a way to represent and display his art on a larger scale through photography. Moving to Whistler BC, Grant furthered his career as a photographer, taking snowboard and action sports photos of some of the best athletes in Canada. Working closely with local enthusiasts, Grant was able to get his first piece of work published in DREGS Magazine. Grant then paired up with Snackbreak Snowboarding, growing his presence and producing photo and video content published by industry moguls such as Transworld, SBC, OnBoard, Snowboarder Mag and more. Through his involvement in action sports, Grant saw an opportunity for mouthguards to be more than just a safety accessory, but an outlet for personal expression.

    The two came together to provide affordable, personalized, premium protection mouthguards delivered right to your door.